A Motivating Act. Poetry from Jeanne Claire Probst

Thought and Poem


I can’t tell you how many times I have looked around my neighborhood to see if there was something I could do for any of my neighbors, to see if there was a need. And I can’t tell you how many times I have held back from lending a hand because I just assumed that they had family that would help them.


Other times I have noted that, fear prevented my neighbors from interacting with anyone around them and to avoid contact, they would just hustle into their homes when they saw someone coming toward them. I understand their fear, because of the increase of break-ins and violence around us, so people are finding it hard to trust anyone…even a neighbor. So different than what it was like fifty or so years ago when I was younger and everyone knew their neighbors, their children, their pets and if they were sick or had a need.


As we get older, our pride may also get in the way of accepting help from someone else, especially a stranger. But worse than any of these, is the guilt one carries when they see a need and do not offer to help. Today I decided to do something nice for one of my elderly neighbors who recently had had a stroke. His smile was priceless and I had no trouble sleeping when nighttime came around.


What about you? Are you one to offer assistance when you see a need in your neighborhood? Share your thoughts with us…Jeanne Claire Probst

A Motivating Act


Today I was motivated to do something extra nice.

I couldn’t think of anything special, so I had to think twice.

I finally did come up with something I thought I would do,

So I want to take a moment and share it with you.


I looked out my window and peered down my street,

And I searched for a direction in which to point my feet.

I went out the door to kind of explore,

And I saw a need I could not ignore.


The wind had blown the leaves all around.

You could barely see the grass on the ground.

My neighbor, who likes to keep his yard so clean,

I often observed when walking on a stick he did lean.


So I grabbed my barrel, a trash bag and rake,

And I decided to rake up my neighbor’s yard, to spruce up his place.

I did not have to labor for a great length of time,

And before I knew it, the yard had a mirrored shine.


Now my neighbor was unaware of this kind act, until out his window he did peek,

As his approval I did not seek.

To my surprise he came out to greet me;

The first time in three years it was hard for me to believe.


He apologized for not keeping his yard as he would like,

He had a rough summer and his health was not good and neither was his wife’s.

He nodded his head and his shoulders he shook

He took out his wallet to take a look.


It was empty and I was not surprised,

As the older man had so little on which to survive,

So humbly he reached out and offered his hand,

Hoping I would understand.


His thank you for the job I had done,

Would be more than enough to for me and then some,

And he stood there smiling for all to see,

How his neighbor who he did not know had raked up his leaves.


In the world that we live in this was a kind act.

So few are shared nowadays this is a fact.

So I am happy that I was looking to do something nice,

Next time I will not have to think twice.


Jeanne Claire Probst, Author of ‘The Fifteen Houses”


PIC Jeanne Claire Probst


One thought on “A Motivating Act. Poetry from Jeanne Claire Probst

  1. What an incredibly touching piece of poetry and all so true. Thank you so much for sharing this with me 🙂

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