Two Poems by Greer Suzanne

JeanPoem to Jean, with love Miss Julie

I look at you and

I freeze

I love

I wonder

What you are thinking

When you think

Sometimes I know

Because I’m thinking it too


I want to touch you

I want you to touch me


I don’t care

I forget my father

My fiancé



I see only you

You see only me


I want to look down

And see your hands

On my body

I want to touch your back

To scream

To cry

To watch your eyes

For you to watch me


I become liquid

Starting in my throat

Stirring in my stomach

As I yearn for you

Like an animal

Crying out for seed


I want you to rescue me

I can’t decide on my own

Take the lead

Pretend it’s a dance

And take the lead

It’s the only time

I feel your control

And I’ve become addicted


I want to serve you

Be your slave

Your harlot


To do with what you will

What you desire

When you desire


Right now

I cannot wait


I beg, I plead

I want, I need




Melancholy tickles my skin

Runs through my veins

And along my arms

And into my hands


I can almost smell it

If I had a knife

I would cut it


But it’s too fluid

Like water now

And blood is stronger

Than the waters of the womb


It trickles, tickles, turns

With my alliteration

Which gives me small pleasure


The sound of words

Appearing on a page

With ink

Just as fluid

But more contained

Dive, swim, drown, float, rescue, saviour, mentor, mental, breakdown, nervous, tears flowing.


Emotion restrained

False life


Greer Suzanne

Greer Suzanne



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