April A to Z Theme Reveal


Welcome to Out of Print. We’re a collection of twelve new and rising authors from all over the world with a passion for the art of the short story and the power of what can be expressed in a limited number of words. The beauty of the short story is making you, the reader, feel all the complicated emotions expressed in full in novel length fiction–in 7000 words or less. Short story prose must be especially clever, the imagery evocative and the subject matter targeted directly into the reader’s heart strings to condense all the meaning and emotion of longer fiction into something that can be consumed in under an hour.

This April, join us as we examine selected short stories from twenty-six masters of words. We’ll cover works by D. H. Lawrence, O. Henry, Mark Twain and more in summaries and short author bios. If you have a love of literature and history, we’d love to see you in the comments. Come share our love of short stories and read twenty-six fantastic short stories, A to Z.


23 thoughts on “April A to Z Theme Reveal

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  3. This just might win the “Best Theme of 2015 Award.”

    Definitely 100% interested.

    And cool there are 12 of you. I’ve got 12 posting in April too!

    This is so Tweeted to my small but engaged following and hashtagged to attract attention!

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